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49ers making a point to focus on potential for Tim Tebow

The 49ers are making sure to prepare for Tim Tebow this weekend when they take on the New York Jets.

Joe Sargent - Getty Images

San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh leaves no stones unturned when preparing for an opponent. That includes backup quarterbacks, which the New York Jets have a high-profile one in Tim Tebow. And as CSN Bay Area's Matt Maiocco reports, San Francisco is making him part of their defensive gameplan this week.

When asked about preparing for the Jets on Thursday, defensive coordinator Vic Fangio mentioned the "Tebow package" as one of the many the team is getting ready for, and made sure not to approach it lightly either:

"Well, you have to take it very serious because they'll play him some in there and it's more like it gets back to the college-type offense where there's the gun read. The quarterback runs where he fakes it and then keeps it and it's just a quarterback power. It's an everyday power, but it's with the 11th guy on the field not the 10th. So you do have to prepare for it."

Tebow has seen time in all three games with the Jets this season. He's been a part of 24 offensive plays and 17 on special-teams. He is currently averaging 5.4 yards per rush, and has not attempted a pass this season. Tebow was a 46.5 percent passer for the Denver Broncos last year.