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San Francisco 49ers get past Miami Dolphins: Notes and observations

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The San Francisco 49ers didn't play an impressive game on Sunday against the Miami Dolphins, but they managed to get out with a 27-13 victory.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers bested the Miami Dolphins by a score of 27-13. It was about as unimpressive a 14-point win you could get in the NFL, but a win is a win, and they're well on their way to a No. 2 seed in the NFC. Colin Kaepernick was unremarkable and the defense had its lapses - but again - they won.

Below are the notes I took during the game, though I took considerably less later on in the game as it got more and more ridiculous, as has usually been the case for the 49ers this season. Unedited and such - tomorrow we'll have more in-depth stuff, so be sure to come back.

  • How many of you were worried about a safety when Colin Kaepernick was rolling left in his own end zone early on in the first? Yeah ... me too.
  • With a Minnesota Vikings win, the 49ers were unable to clinch a playoff spot today, regardless of whether or not the 49ers won.
  • Wouldn't be a 49ers game without a delay of game penalty or a burned timeout. Nothing like a constant.
  • San Francisco's offensive line has made a clear regression, especially given that they were counted among the NFL's best through the first half of the season. One has to wonder if the change in quarterback has had an effect on their cohesiveness as a unit.
  • Aldon Smith mauling Jonathan Martin was nifty.
  • LaMichael James' first NFL carry goes for 10 yards. Not bad for the rookie running back.
  • San Francisco is a better team when Randy Moss is catching the football, and I'm plenty happy to admit that, even though it points out that I'm wrong. I expected him to do absolutely nothing. Still, the 49ers can't force him the ball.
  • David Akers made field goals. Weird.
  • That forced fumble by Patrick Willis was absolutely textbook. Perfect. Flawless.
  • Frank Gore tied the franchise record for rushing touchdowns with 50 and made some awesome things happen after first contact. Just another day at the workplace.
  • The Dolphins receiver in the fourth quarter was very much out of bounds. But ya know. Whatever.
  • There's issues all of this team right now. The defense has been so-so, and the offense just can't get things going. This should have been a blowout.
  • Free timeout for Joe Philbin. Cool. That was a really bad call by the referee - the line judge shouldn't get the call there. It was clearly after what should have been the delay of game.
  • Think Alex Smith was doing his best "fake smile" when he congratulated his teammates after the Kaepernick rushing touchdown?