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Some of 49ers' top contributors the most penalized

The 49ers have struggled with penalties the whole year, committing the fourth most in all of the NFL.

Ralph Freso

The San Francisco 49ers are having a great year on top of the NFC West, but not everything is sunshine and rainbows in the Niners' camp.

As Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee points out, the 49ers have a slight issue with penalties - namely that they commit quite a few of them.

The Niners have committed 88 penalties this year, good for fourth most in the NFL. As coach Jim Harbaugh said, those penalties, despite racking up yards, also can really halt the momentum of a drive.

Lineman Mike Iupati and special teams member C.J. Spillman lead the team with seven penalties each. Dashon Golden dubiously leads the team in penalty yardage with 87 yards, coming in second with six penalties total.

It isn't all bad in the flag department for the 49ers however. Tight end Vernon Davis once led the team in false starts and now he leads them the correct way with zero this year. First-time starter Alex Boone is also a first-time guard and has only been flagged once this season.

For a complete list of the penalty breakdown click here.