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49ers' Greg Roman says the option play isn't going anywhere

The 49ers aren't going to ditch the option after it went awry in their loss to the Rams on Sunday.

Dilip Vishwanat

The option is not a popular play in San Francisco right now after it blew up in the faces of the 49ers on Sunday. The fourth quarter play call, its execution, and pretty much anything related to the option has been a sore spot, made worse by the fact that the Niners lost to the Rams in overtime, but the option isn't going anywhere.

49ers offensive coordinator Greg Roman still believes in the option, both for San Francisco and for the NFL. He thinks it is a part of the league's future.

For instance, Pittsburgh ran an option play against the Packers in the Super Bowl a couple of years ago. It's in a lot of people's playbooks. Some coaches teach it more than others, but those type of plays put a lot of pressure on a defense. Again, it all comes down to execution.

The 49ers could have used some of that execution last Sunday. It might have been the difference between winning and losing.

But as long as Colin Kaepernick is San Francisco's quarterback, the option will be in the playbook. He offers too much with his legs, as he showed with a long run late in the game to set up a go-ahead field goal, and the option gives him a chance to show that off while putting pressure on the defense. The pitch could use some work, though.