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49ers' Ted Ginn Jr. on turnover: 'It was a messed-up play'

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The 49ers wide receiver spoke candidly about the botched play that cost the 49ers the game against the St. Louis Rams on the road.


San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr. was quick to divert any blame from one specific player or coach involved in the failed play that resulted in a defensive score for the St. Louis Rams and ultimately cost the 49ers the game.

"It was a messed-up play," Ginn told the San Jose Mercury News. "We could have done better. It's not anybody's fault. It's not mine, not Kap's, not Coach's."

The Niners had a 10-2 lead and were in control of the game and the clock when with 3:11 remaining in the game when Colin Kaepernick faked a handoff and proceeded to pitch the ball over Ginn's head. St. Louis defensive back Janoris Jenkins scooped the ball up at the 4-yard line and dove straight into the end zone, shocking everyone in the building.

Head coach Jim Harbaugh was equally contrite.

"It was too risky of a play to call at the time," he conceded. "When we called it, we really thought it was a safe play. But then we got the edge pressure and Colin pulled and was forced to pitch right away. It threw the rhythm and timing off."

He went on to say that the players were not at fault, and that the coaching staff wished they could take the call back.