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49ers vs. Patriots 2012: Blog reacts to San Fran's big win over New England

Niners Nation puts its spin on what transpired on Sunday Night Football.


Niners Nation's James Brady really enjoyed watching last night's game. Like, really enjoyed it. He graciously took the time to break down his favorite elements of last night's wild win over the New England Patriots and pointed out some interesting aspects of the win, while keeping up with the hilarity of his tone.

First, anyone who titles a section ‘Ain't Nobody Got Time For That' is in the know. If you don't know what it is in reference to, just click here for the greatness. But back to football.

The red zone efficiency was lacking. Three drives that landed on the Patriots' 5-, 21- and 25-yard lines came up empty. The execution wasn't there and the fundamentals glossed over. The fact that the Niners still put up 41 points is scary with all the points they left on the board.

Vernon Davis needs to figure out how much he's willing to do in order to get back to performing at the level Niners fans have seen him in the past. If he doesn't, he will continue to be a forgotten man in the offense.

Brady gets into more about Delanie Walker but overall, he enjoyed himself. So thank you to the Niners for providing his fodder.