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49ers' Alex Boone set for battle with Vince Wilfork

The 49ers most interesting lineman is ready to take on the Patriots' big man in the middle.


As the San Francisco 49ers prepare to take on the New England Patriots in Foxborough on Sunday, offensive lineman Alex Boone knows how formidable of a challenge he'll have ahead in going up against defensive tackle Vince Wilfork.

"It will be a challenge," Boone told CSN Bay Area. "He's quick off the ball, he's explosive for a big guy, and I think he's strong. It's just going to come down to fundamentals with him, and really just knowing it's going to be a full day."

Wilfork has been the anchor to a Patriots' defense that has been stellar against the run, allowing just 100.8 yards per game and eighth in the league in that category. Their strong front seven hasn't filled up the stat sheet to this point, but it's one of the main reasons they've managed to hold teams in check on the ground.

The 49ers have the second-ranked rushing attack in the NFL and average 161.5 yards per game and will have a difficult task ahead. Wilfork recognized why.

"I've never seen an offense like this, because they can do so many different things," he said. "It's not an offense where you can say ‘when they line up like this they're going to do this, or this guy is going to do this,' because it seems like everybody who touches the ball is very dangerous, from the receivers to the backs to the quarterbacks."