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Colin Kaepernick tweets 'Love my tattoos, even if you don't'

The 49ers quarterback's tattoos, which have received much more attention than they should, have become the center of a new "Kaepernicking" craze.


Apparently, "Kapernicking" has become a thing.

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick flooded his Twitter timeline on Wednesday night with pictures of his followers #KAEPERNICKING, which is posing while kissing your tattooed biceps.

The genesis of Kapernicking reportedly came from this picture, which shows the 49ers quarterback posing and kissing his tattoos after scoring on a 50-yard touchdown run in the team's 27-13 win over the Miami Dolphins last Sunday. The 25-year-old signal caller added the text "Love my tattoos, even if you don't" to the image.

Kaepernick's tattoos have received far more attention than they should, following an absolute disaster of an article by David Whitley for AOL Fanhouse. The article disappointed Kaepernick, infuriated his parents and fans, and is likely to have fueled the Kaepernicking craze.

Kaepernick and the 49ers face what could be their stiffest test of the season on Sunday, as they head to New England to take on a Patriots team that has won seven consecutive games.