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49ers vs. Patriots betting lines & odds: San Francisco one-score underdogs to New England

The New England Patriots are favored by just under a touchdown over the San Francisco 49ers.


The San Francisco 49ers and the New England Patriots prepare for what could be a potential Super Bowl preview on Sunday Night Football in Foxboro. The 49ers and Patriots are both on target for being teams that will earn first round byes and have a very good shot at getting to the Superdome in New Orleans against the Saints.

The Patriots opened as three point favorites over the 49ers, and the line has moved up since then. New England is currently favored between five to six points, depending on which sportsbooks you would look at.

The 49ers have come up with some big wins all throughout the season, beating the Green Bay Packers in Lambeau, the Seattle Seahawks at home, and the Chicago Bears on Monday night. The Patriots have probably been the most dominant team of the regular season though, stomping the Texans and the Colts en route to winning their last seven gams.