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Brandon Jacobs release/suspension: Nobody sheds a tear after veteran failed to impress

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Brandon Jacobs complained a whole lot and didn't play well in his few carries. That translates to nobody shedding a tear over him being on his way out.

The Star-Ledger-US PRESSWIRE

The signing of running back Brandon Jacobs was an oddity, given the roster of running backs that the San Francisco 49ers had. Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter were the top two guys, one of Anthony Dixon and Rock Cartwright were always going to make the roster as a backup and special teamer, and the 49ers also drafted LaMichael James with their second pick in the 2012 NFL Draft.

Jacobs also didn't really do anything special that Gore couldn't already do. It wasn't as simple as getting another power back for when Gore is on the sidelines, because Jacobs was nothing more than a short yardage back.

A short yardage back who really isn't that great at what he does to begin with.

Now, Jacobs had big years here and there, but for a giant mountain of a man who is supposed to be able to pick up those tough two yards a team could need, he had that "soft" label for some time.

But when Hunter went down with an injury, Jacobs became something of a commodity. Kind of. He carried the ball four times in a losing effort to the St. Louis Rams as the primary backup, and he picked up a whopping 6 yards. Now, he did have limited time, obviously, but this all came well after Jacobs started complaining.

And complaining. And complaining. Aaaaand complaining. It wouldn't be exaggerating to say that Jacobs knew the situation coming into San Francisco, so what is the problem here? If you complain that much, it should be backed up.

San Francisco will not miss Jacobs, especially with James getting his first playing time of the season on Sunday.