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49ers vs. Rams betting lines & odds: San Francisco favored by double digits

The San Francisco 49ers are double-digit favorites over the St. Louis Rams.

Christian Petersen

After an early season charge by several teams in their division, the San Francisco 49ers seem to have reasserted themselves as the team to beat in the NFC West. The 49ers come home to St. Louis, where they're currently installed as 11 to 12.5 point favorites depending on which sportsbook one looks at.

The 49ers have recovered nicely from their home loss to the New York Giants, just eeking out a win against the Seattle Seahawks on a short week. They then shut down the Arizona Cardinals on Monday Night football before getting a week off thanks to their bye. They'll face the Rams at home this weekend.

The Rams haven't had quite as much success, as they've dropped three in a row to the Dolphins, Packers and Patriots (the last game being in London). This should be the type of football game the 49ers feel like they're the comfortable favorites, and the Vegas lines reflect that.