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NFC West standings, Week 13: 49ers are the class of the division

The Seahawks, Rams and Cardinals are still looking up at the Niners as they continue to prove their superiority to the rest of the division.

Stacy Revere

After 11 weeks of play, the NFC West is no longer the hyper-competitive division it once was. It is almost back to normal now that the San Francisco 49ers are back as the dominant team and the other three teams are chasing them, with the Seattle Seahawks being the closest thing to a challenger.

With the Arizona Cardinals bottoming out within a seven-game losing streak and the St. Louis Rams trying to stay above water, the Niners and Seahawks are the only teams in the playoff hunt from the division.

The Niners knocked off the New Orleans Saints on Sunday, 31-21. San Francisco is now the top running team, second-best against the pass and fourth against the run in the NFL. The Seahawks lost to the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, 24-21. The Seahawks are still leaning on their eighth-best running game and a defense that is third against the pass and 12th against the run.

The Rams beat the Cardinals in a battle of the NFC West bottom feeders on Sunday, 31-17. Both teams now have four wins on the season.