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Week 12 Fantasy sit/start: Niners should flourish against league's worst defense

The Niners blew out the best defense in the league on Monday. What can they do against the worst?


This week the Niners travel to New Orleans to have their shot at the Saints, who are on a roll and trying to sneak into the playoffs after a disastrous start to the season. The Niners, meanwhile, are riding high after a complete dismantling of Chicago on national television. Colin Kaepernick, coming off a fine effort against the Rams and a masterful showing against the Bears, will get the start and a chance to show what he can do against New Orleans. Which players are the best bet for fantasy teams this week?

START: Everyone. The Superdome is a pretty fast track and the Saints defense is AWFUL. They rank 31st in pass defense, 32nd against the run, and 32nd overall. There is no truth to the rumor that the Saints were so impressed by Nick Holt's Washington Huskies defense in the Alamo Bowl against Baylor last year that they promptly hired him to run their defense, but it sure looks that way. New Orleans' only hope is to cause turnovers like they did last week against the Raiders, but Jim Harbaugh's ball-control offense and Colin Kaepernick's newfound overflowing fount of pinpoint accuracy would seem to dissaude one from the notion that any such thing is likely.

Start Kaepernick. Start Frank Gore. Start Michael Crabtree. Start Randy Moss. Start Vernon Davis. Hell, start Kendall Hunter if you have him for some reason. Just don't start....

SIT: The Niners defense. Yes I saw what they did to the Bears. Those are the Bears. Let's pause to laugh at them. Ha, ha. Bears. Yes it's very funny. These are the Saints, and in New Orleans where they never lose (unless they are playing the Chiefs. This is also funny. You are free to laugh here as well). The Niners offense will undoubtedly put up points but Drew Brees, Jimmy Graham, Lance Moore, Marques Colston, Joe Horn, Donte' Stallworth, Eric Martin, Michael Haynes and Danny Abramowicz will probably reciprocate and match them point for point until the Niners decide to stop messing around. Don't be surprised if Jim Everett, Billy Joe Tolliver, and Bobby Hebert also see action in the game at some point. The Saints will go deep into the bag to find a way to beat the Niners. They won't, but it will be entertaining to watch them try.