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49ers vs. Saints: Is there a QB controversy in San Francisco?

Colin Kaepernick may have shaken things up in San Francisco with his play against the Bears.


San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith wasn't cleared to play by a neurologist against the Bears on Monday, and Colin Kaepernick stepped into his starting role and made it look easy. Now it seems that head coach Jim Harbaugh has a controversy at the quarterback position.

Harbaugh didn't do much to put down the oncoming controversy flames, as he merely said that he would go with the "hot hand" at quarterback. He also said that he has two quarterbacks with "hot hands."

Ray Rotto of CSN Bay Area believes there is no denying that a quarterback battle now exists in San Francisco, and believes that Harbaugh's comments after the game were telling:

In short, Harbaugh raved about Kaepernick. But, and we cannot stress this too much, he has raved about Smith in his time, too. Harbaugh raves easily, even if all he’s doing is trying to smother a story.

Kaepernick's numbers against one of the NFL's best defenses are hard to ignore. He completed 16 of 23 passes for 243 yards and two touchdowns. Smith has been impressive himself, connecting on 70 percent of his throws with 13 touchdowns to just five interceptions.

Both have made it easy for Harbaugh to "rave," but he still has a decision to make this week.