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49ers vs. Bears score: Notes from San Francisco's dominating victory

The San Francisco 49ers dominated the Chicago Bears from start to finish on Monday Night Football.

Ezra Shaw

Following a horrible - just horrible - tie against the St. Louis Rams, the San Francisco 49ers came out and absolutely dominated the Chicago Bears, with rookie quarterback Colin Kaepernick at the helm. But before you suggest that the fact the Bears were starting Jason Campbell is the reason that they lost, keep in mind that this team's trength is its defense, and in the 32-7 loss, it was hard to tell.

Below, I've got some random postgame notes and the like that I took while watching the game. Nothing terribly in-depth, but they're observations and things of that nature. Unedited, of course. Be sure to take to the comments or Tweet me at @JamesBradySBN for any .gifs you'd like from the game.

  • Jon Gruden gets on my nerves over the course of an entire broadcast, but he had a good line pretty early on: "Major Wright can't cover Vernon Davis." Neither can Lance Briggs. Or Nick Roach. That's a true fact of life right there, folks.
  • Chicago was stacking the box from the very beginning, and the 49ers threw the ball instead. Unfortunately, they didn't really commit to it and kept running into nine in the box defensive fronts.
  • Defensive tackle Isaac Sopoaga got thrown around again in this one, and it's a big reason as to why the 49ers haven't been able to work the run. They're not among the worst in the NFL at it or anything, but they're no longer the best.
  • Frank Gore is stupidly good in pass protection. Just look at this. Look at that right now.
  • Great ball security by Colin Kaepernick. He doesn't hold the ball out there when he runs like many scrambling quarterbacks, and he took a nasty sack in the first half and held on just fine.
  • That was a horrible call late in the third quarter, when the 49ers were called for an illegal block in the back as the Bears player swatted the ball out of bounds.
  • Of course Brandon Marshall was going to get a touchdown. Are you joking? I mean, the referees helped them along there, but Marshall is one of the best in the NFL.
  • Legitimately shocking to see the Michael Crabtree not convert a first down on that third down reception late in the game. He's been so good with the YAC lately, it just seems like a given sometime.
  • Kaepernick only ran the ball a few times, and was primarily a pocket passer for this one. Neat!
  • Intentional grounding was called in the end zone and then the referees called it fourth down instead of a safety. Weird.