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Brandon Jacobs saying tweets about boss not referring to him, 49ers

Former Giants running back, who has yet to see the field in San Francisco, denies speculation that his tweets about being careful who you work for were about 49ers' brass.

Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE

After posting a series of tweets warning his 23,000-plus followers to be careful when selecting their bosses and who to work for, San Francisco 49ers' running back Brandon Jacobs told that the remarks had nothing to do with coach Jim Harbaugh or the organization as a whole.

"People automatically assume it has something to do with this (expletive) sport," Jacobs told CSNBayArea. "It's not. It's not. I have different companies, and different businesses. I got a life on the outside of football."

One of Jacobs' tweets was: "Never work in a place where you hate your boss so much, you should be happy at work #YouLiveAndYouLearn." Jacobs, who has yet to see the field during the regular season for the 49ers this season, later explained the tweet as a reference to something his brother went through at work.

Jacobs won two Super Bowls with the New York Giants and figured to be a part of the backfield rotation this season in San Francisco after agreeing to a contract with the club during the offseason. But a year after rushing for seven touchdowns in New York, Jacobs has been a non-factor for the 49ers.