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2012 NFL power rankings, week 11: 49ers still highly ranked but questions abound

The San Francisco 49ers are coming off a tie with the St. Louis Rams which has led to questions about this team's apparent regression.

Brian Bahr

The San Francisco 49ers earned a tie with the St. Louis Rams on Sunday and their performance has pundits taking a closer look at this NFC contender to find out if they are the threat to make the Super Bowl that they've seemed to be all season. The power rankings have questions.

SB Nation dropped the Niners two spots to No. 8 and joked about the lack of knowledge NFL players have in regards to games being able to end in ties. And the legend of Donovan McNabb continues...

Sportsline kept the Niners at No. 4 but questioned the one thing the Niners have always been able to count on - their defense. The game against the Rams showed some flaws on that side of the ball.

ESPN kept the Niners at No. 4 as well but pointed out that the defense has given up three 100-yard rushers in their past four games, which isn't reminiscent of their previous form.