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49ers bye week injury report

The San Francisco 49ers have a bye week and have already had plenty of rest with extended time between primetime games over the past two weeks. They remain relatively healthy heading into Week 10.

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

The San Francisco 49ers have a bye week, and they're in a pretty great position. Boasting a record of 6-2, they sit atop the NFC West division after beating the Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals in straight-primetime appearances. In Week 10, they'll face the St. Louis Rams, but they get a week of rest and recuperation at the perfect point in the season - halfway through.

So within the division, they're in a good place, but how about injury-wise?

They actually remain one of the healthier teams in the NFL. After starting the season with injuries to running back Brandon Jacobs and primary return man Ted Ginn Jr., the 49ers now have both players back at their disposal. Ginn has been returning kicks for a couple weeks, and Jacobs ... well, he's a different story.

Jacobs was a healthy scratch on Monday Night Football against the Cardinals. The 49ers haven't been playing him (and he's not happy about it), but he is healthy. Fully healthy and ready to go, as it happens. He just doesn't fit into the team's current plans.

Other than that, there really aren't any significant injuries. Andy Lee is dealing with some issues, but he's been playing through them, and quarterback Alex Smith has to be feeling some soreness in his finger, but other than that, this is a relatively healthy team with plenty of time to rest.