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49ers vs. Bills postgame: Some notes from San Francisco's win

Some notes from the San Francisco 49ers' win over the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.

Brian Bahr - Getty Images

On Sunday, the San Francisco 49ers continued to vent post-Vikings loss frustration by blowing out another New York team. After shutting out the New York Jets by a score of 34-0 (with a mercy slide preventing 41-0), the offense rolled right over the Buffalo Bills en route to a 45-3 victory. The defense also performed well, as you can see. The 49ers have a very tough matchup coming up as the New York Giants visit in Week 6, and these victories can only give them a confidence boost.

Below, I've got some notes from the game. Nothing all-telling, just random thoughts that were taken during the game. Be sure to check out the other posts we have in the stream for more recap material. Here's the notes.

  • It's an odd sort of thing - Alex Smith overthrows all of his receivers deep, outside of Vernon Davis. He manages to hit his star tight end with regularity on deep throws, though if we're going by the 53-yard play in the first quarter, the fact that Smith had an infinite amount of time to throw might have something to do with it.
  • Early in the first, the 49ers were stopped on third and goal after a couple stuffed Frank Gore runs. Would the inactive Brandon Jacobs been able to pick up those runs? No, probably not. The blocking just wasn't there for any running back, in my opinion.
  • The two most dependable players on the San Francisco offense were called for a couple penalties in the first half: left guard Mike Iupati and running back Frank Gore. Iupati was called on two of them, and they were both bad and blatant. Tight end Delanie Walker was called for tripping in a play that was not, in fact, tripping. Walker went low for a block, stayed low, and the guy tripped over him. It was a failed cut block and incidental contact, not a tripping penalty.
  • On the Colin Kaepernick fumble, I totally disagree with the play choice by principle. He can run the ball and he can make things happen in multiple ways - but he is not a running back, and the 49ers should not be running him on obvious designed runs to the outside. He will get seriously injured that way.
  • Seven offensive penalties? That's neat. Just absolutely neat.
  • Great to see Kendall Hunter pull off some big runs with no dancing behind the line of scrimmage. There was a point where it was a real worry that he was regressing with no chance of coming back, but he's looked excellent over the past couple weeks. Bruce Miller also fought for some nice runs, which is also neat.
  • Is it just me, or does Ted Ginn Jr. look really, really slow out there? I know he's not going for those huge plays, especially late in a blowout game, but he looks like he's putting out effort while still ... not running fast. He just looks slow, and almost hobbled. Interesting, to say the least.
These are just some random observations, not necessarily a complete recap or anything of the sort. We've already got one of those up in the stream, ya know. At any rate, one last thing I wanted to say: if there are any plays you'd like broken down in a post tomorrow or Wednesday, hit up @JamesBradySBN on Twitter and let me know which one. Trying to work more of that in. Up next? The 49ers get to take on the New York Giants, and everybody is set to talk way too much about the NFC Championship game.