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Willie Mays visits 49ers at Wednesday practice

San Francisco Giants legend Willie Mays showed some love to the San Francisco 49ers on Wednesday by paying a visit to their practice at team headquarters.

Michael Nagle - Getty Images

San Francisco Giants legend Willie Mays made an appearance at the San Francisco 49ers practice on Wednesday at team headquarters in Santa Clara, getting a chance to meet and mingle with the coaches and players.

Head coach Jim Harbaugh met with Mays after his media session, getting in some time with the Hall of Famer before introducing him to the team. A few weeks back, Harbaugh noted his desire to meet Mays, as he meant so much to him and his family growing up:

"I don't want anything from him," Harbaugh said of Mays. "I just want to go up to him and shake his hand and tell him that me and my dad think that he's the greatest baseball player in the history of the game. That's all I want."

Mays adressed the team for a few minutes, telling them that he would sign anything that they wanted.

Here's a look at Mays with coach Harbaugh and team president Jed York, via York's Twitter account.