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49ers' Carlos Rogers says Jets looked like they didn't want to be there

Carlos Rogers describes how the Jets players just wanted to go home during last Sunday's beat down in New York.

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The San Francisco 49ers had the New York Jets right where they wanted them all day long during last Sunday's 34-0 beatdown at MetLife Stadium. It almost looked like the Jets wanted to be put out of their misery late in the game, and Niners cornerback Carlos Rogers echoed that sentiment according to the Sacramento Bee's Matt Barrows.

Rogers went on XM radio on Tuesday to talk about the Jets game, noting that Rex Ryan's players essentially began to give up down the stretch:

"You could see it happening," Rogers said. "It kinda shocked me just because, you know, a lot of (49ers) guys were saying on the sideline, 'Oh, they don't want to tackle, they don't want to do this, they don't want to do that.' That's a Rex Ryan defense. That's a Rex Ryan team."

Rogers was the recipient of a gift-wrapped touchdown after Santoino Holmes gave up the ball on a non-contact injury, leading to a 51-yard TD scamper surrounded by his 49ers teammates. And as the 49ers prepare for the Buffalo Bills this week, Chan Gailey's group will be in for a long afternoon at Candlestick Park if the Niners defense has even half of the intensity they did last week in New York.