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Fantasy football 2012 sit/start: Trust the Niner running game

The Cardinals will host the Niners on Monday Night Football this week. What fantasy players are worth starting for the Niners in that game?

Cary Edmondson-US PRESSWIRE

The Niners took control of the NFC West last Thursday with a win over Seattle, but they will have to hold off the Cardinals as well to maintain their grip on the division. This game will go a long way toward that. Here are the guys you should start for the Niners this week in fantasy:

START: Frank Gore. The Cardinals rush defense is 20th in the league, allowing over 120 yards per game on the ground. This bodes well for Gore, who should be the focal point of the Niner offense. I see a huge day for Gore, with over 100 yards and multiple scores. He had a difficult time against Seattle, but their defense is legit. The Cardinals are smoke and mirrors.

START: Vernon Davis. The Cards actually do have a good pass defense, fourth in the league in that category. They have an excellent cornerback in Patrick Peterson who can cover anyone and is a special teams dynamo. However, their linebackers are sub-par and their safeties outside of Adrian Wilson are nothing to write home about. There is nobody to cover Davis if the Niners decide to stretch the field with their receivers.

START: Niner defense. Seattle is missing Kevin Kolb and Ryan Williams, and has no weapons outside of Larry Fitzgerald. The Niners allow the least passing yards in football and force a ton of turnovers. This is a great week to put your trust in this unit.

I wouldn't start anyone else, especially Alex Smith. He may have some success but I think the Niners will focus on the rush this week, and Peterson may get a pick or two.