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2012 NFL power rankings, Week 8: 49ers stay near the elite, search for offense

49ers are among the top teams in the league but they still aren't where they want to be in regards to the heirarchy of NFL teams.

Jed Jacobsohn

The San Francisco 49ers finally sit where they expected to be all along atop the NFC West standings all alone. But the Niners' success the past couple of seasons has caused the rest of the division to take note and they are now playing in one of the most competitive divisions in football where defense is the highlight and if you can score a little bit of points, it only helps the cause. The Niners are looking to regain their perch as a top three team in the league but they aren't quite there yet in the power rankings.

ESPN moved the Niners up a spot to No. 4 and pointed out that the Cardinals snapped a five-game losing streak to the Niners with a win over them in Week 14 last season.

CBS Sports moved the Niners up a spot to No. 5 but pointed out that the offense is stagnant and that the Niners don't trust quarterback Alex Smith.

SB Nation kept the Niners at No. 6 and playfully joked about Jim Harbaugh's coaching decisions from Thursday's 13-6 win over the Seattle Seahawks.