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49ers vs. Jets film: Joe Staley says this was the best run block of his career

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Film of Joe Staley laying out a run block in the San Francisco 49ers' win over the New York Jets on Sunday. Staley called it the best run block of his career.

Jeff Hanisch-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Yesterday, we had our postgame film review, in which I posted a few plays that were particularly awesome from the San Francisco 49ers' 34-0 shutout of the New York Jets. One of the .gifs that was requested was of a block that Joe Staley described in an interview on 95.7 The GAME, but I wasn't able to find it at the time due to time constraints. Thanks to a screenshot from the person who requested it though, I was able to find the block and man it was awesome.


In the interview, which can be found here, Staley called it the best run block of his career. I'm sure he's done things like that in the past, and as he notes in the interview, it was just a great play in which he got under Ellis and was able to toss him backward, but man ... still awesome, right? Here's the way it broke down when they talked about it (there's more, so be sure to listen to the full thing:

Interviewer: "There was one play where you locked up No. 93, Kenrick Ellis, and I think you pushed him into the secondary. It was like you were pushing a blocking sled, and you just pushed him about 7 yards back. How did that play in film study?"

Staley: "We haven't watched film as a team yet, but that was the best block of my career, in the run game."

Interviewer: "In your whole career?"

Staley: "I mean, I took a 340-pound man off the ball like 8 yards and then put him on his back. I think that's pretty good."

The last bit was said with a laugh, and it's pretty clear that Staley had a fun time with it. The absolute best thing about this play though? It's all right up there in the top right: it occurred when the 49ers were ahead and in the fourth quarter. Staley doesn't need to put forth that kind of effort when the game is in the bag, but he went ahead and did it anyway. That's the sign of a true, motivated football team and we should expect nothing less under JIm Harbaugh.