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49ers vs. Seahawks score: Alex Smith drives San Francisco to 10-6 lead

The San Francisco 49ers have taken a 10-6 lead over the Seattle Seahawks early in the 4th quarter thanks to a big drive led by Alex Smith. The 49ers started from their own 14 after the defense stopped the Seahawks on San Francisco's 43-yard line.

Smith found Frank Gore for 15 yards to get San Francisco to the 29, then found Kendall Hunter for 11 yards. A Gore rush and a Seattle encroachment penalty led to San Francisco entering Seahawks territory. After a few more big plays from Gore, Smith found Michael Crabtree for a crucial third-down conversion and finished off the drive with a 12-yard touchdown reception to Delanie Walker.

It looked like San Francisco was about to clinch the game after Dashon Goldson intercepted a Russell Wilson throw, and steady doses of Smith and Gore set the 49ers up in the red zone. But on 3rd-and-goal, Smith rolled left and threw an interception right to Brandon Browner.