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NFL Power Rankings, Week 7: 49ers fall after blowout loss to Giants

The 49ers dropped in all NFL Power Rankings after suffering a disappointing defeat to the Giants.

Jason O. Watson - Getty Images

Most NFL Power Rankings experts still think highly of the San Francisco 49ers, but that opinion may be wavering after a 26-3 loss at home to the New York Giants on Sunday. The Niners were near the top of most rankings for most of the season before dropping when Week 7's lists were released.

Joel Thorman of SB Nation dropped the 49ers from No.3 to No. 6 this week in his NFL Power Rankings, but believes San Francisco will bounce back:

6. San Francisco 49ers (LW: 3, 4-2): They'll be fine with three NFC West games coming up.

Pete Priscoe of CBS agreed with Thorman's assessment, also putting the 49ers at No. 6. Priscoe believes Sunday revealed a potential problem for San Francisco that may prevent them from winning a championship:

They better fix that passing game or they will have problems down the road. You just can't line up and pound it and win Super Bowls.

ESPN and Yahoo weren't quite as hard on the Niners, as both sites placed San Francisco at No. 5. Brian Billick of Fox Sports is least impressed, dropping the 49ers four spots to No. 7.

San Francisco is still the most highly-ranked NFC West team in each set of rankings.