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Fantasy football 2012: Niners have promising matchup with Rams

The Niners host the Rams on Sunday in a matchup that promises to be fantasy gold for many of the players.

Norm Hall

This week the Niners welcome St. Louis to town, which is just too bad for the Rams as they got blown out by the Patriots last week in a truly embarrassing performance. I am certain Jim Harbaugh has thoroughly examined that game tape, possibly with dimmed lighting and soft music playing. He may have enjoyed a fine cigar while coming up with ways for his defense to attack the Rams "offense", which is only offensive to Rams fans.

The funny thing about the Rams is that, statistically, their defense is not bad. Tom Brady, however, looks at their 13th-ranked defense and guffaws, possibly while making a gesture of some nature. Alex Smith and Frank Gore ought to be chomping at the bit to exploit the weaknesses Bill Belichick so selflessly exposed to them. While the defense may not be awful, their offense won't be able to get anything going whatsoever against the Niners defense and so the time of possession alone sets up nicely for San Francisco to have a big fantasy day.

START: Everybody! Somebody is going to score, and score a lot. It could be Alex Smith, it could be Frank Gore, it will probably be Vernon Davis. Start any Niner you have and hope for the best.