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Raiders Week 11 sit/start: Start playmakers against average Bengals defense

The Bengals defense hasn't proven to be anything more than mediocre this year. If the Raiders limit mistakes, they can have success.

Thearon W. Henderson

This week the Raiders travel across the country (again) to take on the Cincinnati Bengals. While it will be a tough game against a team that at times can look brilliant, the Raiders will have an opportunity to put up a lot of fantasy statistics. The Bengal defense isn't bad, but i isn't good either. They rank from 15-20 in every relevant statistical category. That is the very definition of average, and against average defenses good pass offenses like the Raiders can put up points.

START: Carson Palmer. Again Darren McFadden will be out, which will put the onus on Palmer to control the pace of the game. He could have done this against the Saints, but he kept throwing the ball to them. The Bengals this year have a turnover differential of -1. The odds are in Palmer's favor for having a quality game.

START: Brandon Myers. He was targeted several times in the red zone last week and scored once. In a year where tight end production has somewhat lagged, Myers is trying to make a name for himself. Chances are he gets more red zone looks this week. You could do worse at tight end.

That's probably it. If you have Denarius Moore and no better options, start him too.

SIT: Marcel Reece. We're really scraping the bottom of the barrel here, but some of you may have picked him up as a handcuff to McFadden. Until he proves he can get into the end zone, keep him on your bench.

SIT: Raiders defense. Andy Dalton is prone to turnovers, but he is also prone to throwing a gorgeous deep ball to A.J. Green and the Raiders will act like they didn't know it was coming. Avoid this unit like the plague.