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Fantasy football sit 'em and start 'em: Raiders vs. Chiefs

The Raiders head on the road to take on the Chiefs in week 8. Which Raiders belong in your fantasy lineup?

Justin Edmonds

When the Raiders play the Chiefs, it is always a nasty, physical, difficult game. This year's first game between the two should be no different. Both have pretty good defenses statistically and both will be looking to make a statement and rise in the AFC West standings at the expense of the other. Let's take a look at who might be the best options for the Raiders this week.

START: Darren McFadden. I know he's been a disappointment so far this year, but he is due to break out. The Chiefs' pass defense is very good and the Raiders may elect to prioritize the running game. The Chiefs do not stop the run well, allowing 125 yards per game on the ground, 22nd in the league in that category. McFadden may not have a stellar game but he should be solid.

START: Raiders defense. The Chiefs will be without starting quarterback Matt Cassel, leaving them in the unenviable position of starting Brady Quinn. The Raiders defensive backs have to be salivating at the thought of picking off his passes and the defensive line is chomping at the bit to sack him repeatedly. Look for the Raiders to force some more turnovers and shut down the Chiefs passing game. Jamaal Charles will get his, but the Raiders will be able to key on him and have the ability to shut down opposing run games.

START: Sebastian Janikowski. This is liable to be a slugfest, and I anticipate lots of field goals. Jano could have a monster day.

And he's the guys you should sit:

SIT: Carson Palmer. He's been very good this year but the Chiefs pass defense is excellent. I wouldn't count on him having a big day and he may turn the ball over.

SIT: Raider receivers. If Palmer can't get it going, neither will they. Most weeks Denarius Moore is a good play, but not this week.