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Super Bowl 2013: Loss will sting for awhile for 49ers fans

Super Bowl XLVII is in the books but the loss is still stinging for San Francisco fans.

Justin Sullivan

While millions of fans around the world enjoyed San Francisco's comeback in the Super Bowl because it made for an entertaining game, coming up just short made the loss even more painful for San Francisco fans.

As a result, not many 49ers fans are talking solace in the fact that Sunday's game may go down as one of the more entertaining games in Super Bowl history. David Fucillo of Niners Nation, who covered the game from New Orleans, is one of those fans.

I had the privilege (and pain) of watching the game in the press box and if I were a neutral observer there is no doubt in my mind I would see the glorious nature of the game.

As Fucillo said, those feelings may change in the future, but for now it's hard to see past the disappointing loss.

Down the road, I will probably be able to better acknowledge the thrilling nature of it. For now though, it just hurts.

Any loss in the Super Bowl would be hard for a fan to get over, but losing a game in the way San Francisco lost on Sunday only makes it worse. There is so much emotion building in a thrilling comeback like Sunday's and then to be in a position to win the game, only to come up just short, is deflating. Life will go on and eventually the disappointment will transition into excitement for next season, but for now, this one stings.

I don't expect the sting to go away anytime soon. I will go back and watch the game to figure out some of what went wrong, but it won't be easy, that's for sure. For now, we mourn a brutal loss.