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Super Bowl XLVII: Ravens allow most yards by any winning team

Despite giving up 468 yards of offense to the 49ers, the Ravens walked away with their second Super Bowl title. Where does their defensive performance rank in history?


The 2000 Baltimore Ravens would hardly recognize the defense playing in their uniforms today. While this year's Ravens defeated the San Francisco 49ers 34-31 in Super Bowl XLVII, they allowed the most yards by a winning team in Super Bowl history.

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Baltimore yielded 468 yards of total offense to the 49ers on Sunday, marking the highest total given up by a winning defense. The Ravens also became just the third team to win a Super Bowl after being outgained by at least 101 yards, which was the total from yesterday's matchup.

Colin Kaepernick struggled early on, but the second half proved to be his time to shine once again. Similar to the NFC Championship, the 49ers came out of the locker room firing on all cylinders in the second half. Kaepernick finished with 302 passing yards and 62 rushing yards, while Frank Gore carried the ball 19 times for a total of 110 yards.

The Ravens defense may not have been stellar throughout the night, but they stepped up when in counted most. Allowing the most yards all-time for a Super Bowl winner probably won't be a stat they'll boast about for years to come.