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Super Bowl 2013 halftime show live stream: CBS and NFL showing Beyoncé online

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Beyoncé fans with no TV rejoice: the halftime show is streaming online.

Scott Halleran

The Super Bowl halftime show: For the non-sport fans out there, it's the best part of the big game. This year, Beyoncé is performing, and she seems to be pretty talented. Are you away from your TV on Super Bowl Sunday? Has some annoying person at your party decided to put on the Puppy Bowl rerun instead? Never fear!

You can find Beyoncé and whichever special guests she has in store online at and Both sites will be streaming the halftime show live, so you don't have to miss a second of, probably, Crazy in Love — which would be ridiculous if Jay-Z didn't make a cameo — Single Ladies and maybe a Destiny's Child reunion for Survivor or Say My Name. Only time will tell.

One thing's for sure, unfortunately. There will be no flipping off of the camera. I'm not going to rule out a nipple slip, though.