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2013 Super Bowl coin toss prop bet: 50-50 chance to cash in

The San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens are set to kickoff Super Bowl XLVII. We discuss the prop bet surrounding the coin toss.

Bob Levey

We are rapidly nearing kickoff to Super Bowl XLVII, as the 49ers and Ravens are set to do battle in New Orleans. It's well known that the Super Bowl is one of the biggest gambling events of the year. The moment the AFC and NFC teams were determined, Las Vegas was prepared with a spread and every which prop bet imaginable.

One of the premier prop bets annually, beside the length of the National Anthem, is the game-opening coin toss.

The great thing about the coin toss is that even if you're unlucky, you have a 50-50 chance of winning. And obviously the payout isn't as significant as taking the point-spread of the game, but it's still a fun bet to engage in. As the higher seed entering the postseason, the 49ers technically have home field advantage in this one.

With this being the case, they were asked which uniforms they would like to wear on Super Bowl Sunday.

Since the Ravens are the visitor, they will be calling either heads or tails. And if they win the toss, they will have an opportunity to receive or defend. Given how these teams strategized during the season, whoever wins the toss will likely defer. If you take this knowledge going in, you might be in a favorable position placing money on the coin toss.