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Super Bowl commercials 2013: Kate Upton, Rolling Stones, Usher and Willem Dafoe sell cars

Kate Upton teams up with Usher, Willem Dafoe and the Rolling Stones to help sell you a Mercedes-Benz.


Mercedes-Benz released its Super Bowl XLVII commercial prior to the Super Bowl -- and it's been one of the most anticipated commercials in quite some time. The commercial stars Kate Upton, Willem Dafoe, Usher and features music by the Rolling Stones, and hopefully you recognize Sympathy for the Devil.

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Mercedes-Benz and Upton released a commercial late in January, which featured Upton standing by, watching football players wash her car -- rather than her, dressed in short-shorts and a tank-top, washing the car. The commercial was supposedly a sign of things to come for Upton and Mercedes-Benz commercials, as the car company is featuring Upton in a Super Bowl commercial this year.

The actual Super Bowl commercial features very little of Upton, and can be seen below. Instead, we find out that if you do, in fact, purchase a Mercedes-Benz, you will not only be able to make Kate Upton your date, but you'll become the GQ Man of the Year, and beat Usher in a dance-off.

Unfortunately, you can't purchase the Mercedes CLA until September -- so don't go making dinner plans with Kate Upton just yet.