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Super Bowl recipes and food ideas: Pico de gallo

What can you put on your chips, burgers, tacos or pretty much anything else? Good pico de gallo, of course.

Christian Petersen

One of the most underrated aspects of Super Bowl food is its versatility. With so much food available, having a versatile food that can go with several dishes is key. Enter pico de gallo.

Pico de gallo can be used as a dip for your chips or as a topping for your burger or tacos. It is perfect for any number of foods and a must at your Super Bowl party.


1 tomatoes

½ white onion

1 serrano chile

2 tablespoons lime juice




Finely dice the tomatoes, onion and serrano chile. Chop the cilantro and put everything in a large bowl. Add a bit of salt and let stand at room temperature for an hour before serving.