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Super Bowl ads 2013: Budweiser releases latest Clydesdale ad

For the 23rd time, Budweiser will have a Clydesdale ad for the big game.

Jamie Squire

You always need a Super Bowl ad or two that will make a football fan go "awwww!"

Budweiser will try to do that this year.

Budweiser released its latest Clydesdale ad early, something the brand has never done before. This is the 23rd Clydesdale ad Budweiser has run with the first coming in 1986, according to a press release.

Here's the ad in all its glory. Get that box of tissues ready:

It has the recipe for greatness: An animal, love for a lost friend and Fleetwood Mac. Budweiser scored with this one.

And like a lot of advertisers this year, Budweiser is making its spot as interactive as possible. The baby Clydesdale -- aka baby foal -- pictured above was seven days old when filming started for the commercial. Now Budweiser is looking to name its newest member to the Clydesdale family.

Some of the early candidates, via Budweiser's Twitter account: Chicago, Spunky Brewster, Homie, Tribute, Memory, Boomerang, Brew, Comet, Skywalker, Hawkeye, Cheers and Suds.

To help name the baby foal, tweet #clydesdales and the name.