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2013 Super Bowl commercials: Psy to pitch Wonderful Pistachios

South Korean pop star Psy will pitch pistachios for Paramount Farms in an ad during the Super Bowl.

Mark Thompson

The San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens are about to play in the Super Bowl, and while most watch for the game itself, some would estimate an even larger portion are tuning in to check out the latest commercials.

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Companies do everything they can to get the Super Bowl ad that most people consider to be the funniest of the day. Paramount Farms thinks they've got an ace in the hole for their commercial, as they've brought in South Korean pop megastar Psy to pitch their product.

Psy is the performer behind "Gangnam Style," the most-watched video in YouTube history, and a slew of other songs that are probably equally as catchy and entertaining but without the wacky video.

The product that Psy will be representing? Wonderful Pistachios.

Psy will don a pistachio-colored suit and do his trademark dance, presumably using the movements from the dance to open up a pistachio nut, like most commercials for the product. It's not surprising the Psy landed this gig, as Paramount Farms have used Internet memes in the past to push their pistachios.

Psy is a little bit more than a meme, but the connection is easy to make. Unfortunately, there's no video leaked for the commercial yet, so you'll probably have to wait until gameday to check it out.