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Super Bowl prop bets 2013: Put money on anything you can think of

There are hundreds of prop bets bettors can lay their money on for the Super Bowl this Sunday.


Not only is the Super Bowl the most watched single event in America every year, it's the most wagered on, as well. Millions of dollars will change hands in Nevada alone on standard spread and money-line bets. But you can make money with prop bets, too, and there are hundreds to choose from.

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Some of the prop bets are pretty standard fare, such as who will win the game's most valuable player (San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is the current favorite at 8/5) or who will score the game's first touchdown (another 49er, running back Frank Gore, tops the list at 13/2). You can bet over or under passing yards for each starting quarterback, rushing yards for each running back, and even who will have more receptions or touches between two chosen players. But the bets don't stop there.

Care to place money on Colin Kaepernick having more pass completions than Los Angeles Clippers guard Chris Paul has points against Boston? You can do that. How about the color of halftime performer Beyonce's outfit, and whether her hair style is straight or crimped? You got it. Who the game's MVP will thank first in his post-game speech? His teammates are the current favorite at 8/5. Anthem singer Alicia Keys isn't free from prop bets, either. She's favored to take more than two minutes, 10 seconds to sing The Star-Spangled Banner. Even the color of the Gatorade poured on the winning coach (yellow leading at 7/4) is something you can place cash on to make your Super Bowl Sunday a little more interesting.