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Super Bowl ads 2013: Axe to run first Super Bowl commercial, will send people to space

Axe will make its Super Bowl commercial debut on Sunday, with its ad part of a contest that will send winners into space.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Super Bowl commercials have been known to be outrageous and push the envelope, but Axe may take things further than any Super Bowl commercial has before. The company, which is known for men's grooming products and body sprays, will air its first Super Bowl ad with the commercial being part of a contest that will send 22 contestants into space. Yes, that is correct. Axe is sending people into space.

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As you might imagine, an ad promoting the Axe Apollo Space Academy features a person dressed in a spacesuit. While that would be simple, Axe took it to another level, including a scene where a lifeguard beats a shark with nothing but his bare hands. That's right, a lifeguard fighting a shark and a guy in a spacesuit in the same commercial.

AXE Apollo - Lifeguard TV Commercial (via AXE)

The commercial directs viewers to a website to enter the contest, with 22 ultimately being chosen for a trip to space. The contest is in partnership with Space Exploration Corp., a company that says it hopes to offer daily flights into space as soon as 2014. If you don't win the contest, you could purchase a ticket for yourself for as little as $95,000.

The outlandish nature of the commercial should make it memorable to at least some viewers, even if it's just to debate the probability that a lifeguard could fight off a shark. Based on the success of the man wearing the astronaut suit, it's also possible we will now see a number of single men parading around in similar costumes in hopes of attracting an attractive female wearing a bikini. That would be something.