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Super Bowl 2013: Joe Montana expects the 49ers to win

The 49ers are 5-0 in the Super Bowl, and Joe Montana said he expects them to improve to 6-0 when they face the Ravens.

Andy Kropa

San Francisco great Joe Montana weighed in on Super Bowl XLVII, saying he expects the 49ers to win their sixth Lombardi Trophy.

Montana, who was a guest on the "Murph and Mac" show on KNBR 680-AM on Monday, predicted a 49er victory while admitting both teams are playing well.

"I think the 49ers are going to win, but it's going to be fun," Montana said, via the Mercury News.

Montana has plenty of Super Bowl experience, having won four of them with the 49ers. San Francisco overcame early deficits to beat both Green Bay and Atlanta, but Montana said that may be more of a challenge in the Super Bowl.

"It's hard to get behind this game," Montana said. "Hopefully they get on the scoreboard first and stay in front. I'd hate to see them fall behind like they have in past couple games."

Near the end of his 49er career, Montana was involved in a quarterback controversy with Steve Young, so he has some idea of what Colin Kaepernick and Alex Smith went through this season. While he said he thought the 49ers should have let Smith lose the starting job -- instead of losing it due to injury -- Montana said the 49ers ultimately made the right move.

"No question, looking back on it, that was the right thing," Montana said. "Back then, I thought they should at least let (Smith) lose the job. It's tough. But it worked out well for them."

He said defenses fear Kaepernick for his running ability, and that fear can help receivers break open. Since retiring, Montana has only attended one Super Bowl, and that was due to a endorsement commitment. That will change this year, however, as he said he and his wife will fly to New Orleans on Thursday to watch the game in person.