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2013 Super Bowl commercials: Audi nails it with prom-inspired Super Bowl commercial

Want to make people talk about your commercial? Bring up prom.

Audi will encourage high school boys everywhere to kiss random girls at their prom in their Super Bowl commercial. If that sounds bad, it isn't. They really just show one kid, backed by the bravery inspired by driving an Audi, planting a kiss on an unsuspecting prom queen and then getting popped by her date, who is predictably blonde and wearing a white tuxedo.

If this actually happened, it would be incredibly cool. In a week or so, the kid's eye would be fine and a week of pain is totally worth the lifetime that story would be awesome for. He could tell that story the next day and it would be cool. A month later, it would still be cool. In college, yep, it's still cool. When his kids are on their way to prom, IT'S STILL COOL.

Of course, this is a commercial and not real so that kid isn't actually cool. But the commercial is. People around the country will be talking about how they wish they had done that at their prom, or whatever other shenanigans went on at prom. At the very least, people will be talking about this, and to some extent, Audi.

Seriously, why didn't some kid do that at my prom?