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2013 Super Bowl: Harbaugh brothers won't speak on the phone before game

The head-coaching brothers will sever at least one form of communication for the week leading up to their Super Bowl tilt.


John and Jim Harbaugh may be brothers, but business comes first when the Super Bowl is involved. The siblings will be coaching against each other in the NFL's championship game, and that means they will sacrifice some of their communication. The two will not be speaking on the phone at all leading up to the game, according to CBS Sports.

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There was no indication of how regularly the brothers usually talk on the phone, but CBS Sports indicated that they do call their father, Jack Harbaugh, quite often for advice on coaching. One would think they do the same for each other.

Playing against each other brings a whole new dynamic, and neither brother would want to give an edge in the battle for ultimate family bragging rights. Even the most mundane of conversations may let something slip. Jim can let his emotions get the best of him sometimes.

The brothers will be communicating this week, as text messages are still allowed. They will also be holding a joint press conference on the Friday before the game, which is scheduled for Feb. 2 at 3:30 p.m. PT.