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Super Bowl picks 2013: Ravens look like favorites in early predictions

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The heart or the head? Many experts seem divided early-on in this respect when it comes to picking the champion.

Al Bello

It's never too early to make Super Bowl picks, right? Think the Ravens will beat the 49ers? Think that next year the Texans will beat the Seahawks? Or perhaps that in 2051 the Xybots will eradicate the Bears010101101?

Analysts everywhere are itching to make their picks and truthfully it's not like much will change between now and Super Bowl XLVII on February 3rd. For the most part, the names on each side will be the same. Joe Flacco will still be Joe Flacco. Alex Smith isn't going to unseat Colin Kaepernick. Ray Lewis isn't interested in early retirement.

Therefore, picks are already being made and we have a few of the notable ones for you today.

Ron Jaworski: The Ravens

Jaws picked the Ravens to make the Super Bowl before the year and now he's just going to pick them to keep on winning. A big fan of Joe Flacco, Jaworski swears by Baltimore.

Merril Hoge: The 49ers

In that same piece, Hoge does what he does best and that's disagree with Jaworski. Hoge believes that the 49ers will win the game by having superior talent up front in the trenches. With Justin Smith and Joe Staley healthy, it's a reasonable expectation.

Pat Kirwan: Ravens

What you'll notice on CBS Sports is that Baltimore is the heavy favorite. At least according to them, with seven of their nine experts going with the Ravens. Kirwan is going with the majority and his statement is probably the popular sentiment for why some are taking Baltimore when he says: "My brain says take the 49ers and my heart says the Ravens."

The 49ers were vastly superior statistically in the regular season and Kaepernick has been mostly unstoppable. But Ray Lewis is Ray Lewis and we want to see Lewis cry some more good tears and not tear down the stadium in anger and rage. If emotional momentum is a thing, the Ravens have it in spades. But if it's talent that matters...

Pete Prisco: 49ers

But on that fast track in the Superdome, I look for a big game from Kaepernick -- through the air. The San Francisco defense will not play as poorly as it did against Matt Ryan when it faces Joe Flacco. In the end, I like the 49ers line against the Ravens front. The 49ers get it done and Jim Harbaugh beats his brother, John.

Prisco likes San Francisco to win 26-20. In fact, nobody at CBS thinks either team will top 27 points.

Jason La Canfora, Clark Judge, Mike Freeman, Will Brinson: Ravens

Same, same, same, same at CBS.

Last but not least...

Princess the Camel: Ravens

Your head might say the 49ers, but the Camel's taste buds are going with Baltimore. Princess picked the Giants to upset the Patriots last season and could be in line for another upset bid in 2013. Or maybe she just picked a hand at random. Or maybe she just likes to take the biggest gamble every year. Either way, she still has as good as guess as most experts.