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NFC Championship 2013: Making the Super Bowl makes 49ers fans happy

This just in: The San Francisco 49ers are headed to Super Bowl XLVII. If you weren't excited already, check out the reaction at the SB Nation blog, Niners Nation.

Kevin C. Cox

In case you missed it, the San Francisco 49ers beat the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC Championship Game, 28-24, on Sunday to advance to Super Bowl XLVII. And in case you missed the AFC Championship Game while celebrating, the Niners will be taking on the Baltimore Ravens in New Orleans, who happen to be coached by Jim Harbuagh's older brother, John.

These are exciting times for Niners fans. Colin Kaepernick is playing like a veteran quarterback, and a Pro Bowl-studded defense will be skipping Hawaii this year. In case you weren't convinced, however, David Fucillo at the SB Nation blog Niners Nation has plenty of reasons why you should be excited.

Holy crap! The 49ers pulled out a big comeback and oh my god they're going to the Super Bowl, defeating the Atlanta Falcons 28-24! There will be plenty to talk about for the next two weeks but for now who cares.

The 49ers showed serious grit in the face of a 17-0 deficit. We can give credit to so many different people. Colin Kaepernick showed veteran cool. The 49ers defense and coordinator Vic Fangio made essential adjustments and took care of business, pulling out a heart-pounding victory.

I'm trying to put together coherent thoughts, but I don't even know where to begin.

You've said it all, Fooch.