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Jeremy Lin Highlights: Linsanity & David Lee Hit Up Taiwan Courts

Jeremy Lin is kind of a big deal here, but he's an even bigger deal in Taiwan. The Palo Alto star seems to garner huge scrutiny whereever he goes, and of course he's an instant sensation in the land of his parents. So when he returned home you could imagine how tough it must have been for him to go places without being besieged by crowds.

However, one night, Lin and his friends decided to sneak out into the night and go balling on the courts of Taiwan. So along with former teammate David Lee of the Golden State Warriors, Lin and company went out into the streets and hit up the night. Thankfully, their journey was documented on Lin's YouTube channel; take a look after the jump!

Basketball in its purest form is all about those street courts. Everyone starts balling out at a prime level, the competition gets racked up, and the pure athleticism and offensive skillmaking takes over when the best players assert themselves. It's an environment where Lin unsurpisingly excels, as you can see with some of the plays he can make either passing the basketball or finishing it. Add in the buzz in the Taipei night, and you can imagine how special this environment must have been for all of these players/

Lin looks all healed up, and you can imagine that most of Taiwan will be watching.

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