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49ers Vs. Jets: Kaepernick's touchdown keying San Francisco's 10-0 lead at half

Colin Kaepernick's first career touchdown proved to be the only touchdown of the first half as the San Francisco 49ers lead the New York Jets, 10-0, through the first half of the showdown at the Jets' MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

Kaepernick, who has registered 24 yards on two carries, including his touchdown run, has been the story of an intensely defensive first-half battle.


Kaepernick's effort has been supplemented by 49ers running back Frank Gore, who has 35 yards on 10 first-half carries. Quarterback Alex Smith is 9-of-13 for 100 yards in early action.

Both defenses have been steady throughout the day, with the 49ers defense forcing the game's two key turnovers. With the Jets in field goal territory late in the second quarter, San Francisco forced Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez out of the pocket, and then stripped the ball from the Jets quarterback.

The 49ers engineered a strong drive to allow kicker David Akers to connect from 36 yards out as the first-half horn sounded to give San Francisco its 10-0 lead.