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Arizona State vs. Cal 2012: Cal's problems don't look like they'll get better soon

California Golden Blogs analyzes Cal's recent loss to Arizona State and provides insight into the rest of Cal's season.

Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

On Saturday, California Golden Blogs noticed a change in the dynamic of the Cal-Arizona State football game held at Memorial Stadium. After winning eight of the last nine meetings against the Sun Devils and feasting on what seemed to always be a litany of mistakes committed by those ASU teams, the Bears found themselves doing the same thing that the Sun Devils did in their losses -- committing mistakes. Arizona State led for nearly the entire game, winning 27-17 on Saturday.

Cal was called for 12 penalties for an eye-opening 119 yards compared to a Sun Devils team that did not turn the ball over and committed only two penalties. The mistakes aided the first ASU win over Cal since 2007 and ASU's first win in Berkeley since 1997.

CGB described the Sun Devils as being more physical than Cal throughout the game. It was evident in the six sacks of Cal quarterback Zach Maynard, including four in the first quarter alone.

CFB questioned the offensive line and the Bears inability to get the ball to Brendan Bigelow, frankly stating: "This is not a good football team. At all."