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San Jose State vs. Navy: Postgame stats tipped far in Spartans' favor

The Spartans were the better team in virtually every facet of the game during their 12-0 win over the Midshipmen on Saturday.

Evan Habeeb-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Postgame stats can't always tell the story of a game's outcome. But in the case of the San Jose St. Spartans' 12-0 win over the Navy Midshipmen, it told you everything you needed to know about how dominant the Spartans were on Saturday.

The Spartans (4-1) won every facet of the game, finishing with 388 total yards to the Midshipmen's 144, including a 280-to-74 edge in passing yards. The 144 yards were the second-fewest yards Navy has gained since they installed the triple-option offense in 2002.

The Spartans earned 24 first downs to the Midshipmen's 11, which led to the Spartans dominating time of possession. The Spartans had possession for 36 minutes and 19 seconds, almost 13 minutes more than the Midshipmen.

The only spot where the Midshipmen could speak of an advantage was in the mistakes department, as the Spartans were penalized four times for 40 yards while the Midshipmen didn't earn any penalties.