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Cal vs. ASU: Golden Bears trail by 10 after 3 quarters

The Cal Golden Bears continue to trail the ASU Sun Devils after three quarters, 20-10. Cal's offense struggled almost the entire first half and proved unable to use the half to reset and turn things around. They did manage a field goal in the closing minutes of the third quarter, but it remains to be seen if they can generate any momentum in the fourth.

Zach Maynard is just 7-for-18 through three quarters, collecting only 102 yards. Isi Sofele is having a better day, picking up 105 yards on 15 carries with Cal's only touchdown, but he also has Cal's only fumble. Keenan Allen is the leading Golden Bears receiver, with three catches for 69 yards.

As they have the entire game, the Golden Bears' defense is doing their best to keep Cal in contention. They've twice stiffened up to force ASU to settle for field goals, one of which was missed. If Cal can't find a way to keep things going on offense, though, they may quickly find themselves 1-4.

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