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49ers vs. Jets: Isaac Sopoaga sidelined in practice

There are a few San Francisco 49ers that have been banged up recently and unable to participate in football games who might be working their way back into practice. However, one prominent 49ers defender appears to still be sitting out. David Fucillo of Niners Nation compiles the latest tweets to get an idea of who is practicing and who isn't, thanks to reports by Matt Barrows, Cam Imnan and Matt Maiocco for their reports.

49ers linebacker Patrick Willis appeared to get injured last week when he left Sunday's loss to the Minnesota Vikings with an injury, but he's back in practice. Not so lucky is nose tackle Isaac Sopoaga, who did not practice today.

49ers running back Brandon Jacobs and wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr. have been missing a lot of time lately, but they apparently have returned to action according to various beat writers. Both Jacobs and Ginn have missed the start of the regular season and have not participated in any of the first three games.